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The hammered damask knives are the latest creation from a unique and high-quality workmanship of Japanese Damascene quality steel that is unparalleled. Let yourself be enchanted by our high-quality knives and find more fun in your kitchen.

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At adelmayer you will find modern, fresh and unmistakable products that convince with quality and comfort of use as well as exciting topics around our diet, our own health and much more. In the future, we want to enrich your life with unmistakable products and thus give your home individuality and elegance, make everyday life easier and contribute to your health.

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adelmayer® damask kitchen knife

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adelmayer® damask santoku knife

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149,90 incl. VAT

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adelmayer® damask nakiri knife

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149,90 incl. VAT

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Whether chef knives, fillet knives, vegetable knives or another knife, even the high-quality products lose sharpness over time. In order for users to enjoy the high-quality knives for a lifetime, there are some points that contribute to the preservation of value. There is a wonderful article about this in our blog. Otherwise, please contact us and we will help your knives to a new shine.

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This is what makes adelmayer’s knives® so special

SHARP BLADE – Thanks to the unique professional kitchen knife, you are ready for every kitchen experiment: The sharp blade of our knife now guarantees you an unmistakable cutting experience!

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – With the purchase of our knife you decide for the highest quality. The blade is dirt-repellent & offers the highest cutting accuracy. Constant regrinding adé!

ERGONOMIC HANDLE – In order to give you an absolutely safe and comfortable cutting, the kitchen knife lies particularly well in your hand and guarantees you an optimal cutting result!

ROBUST AND RELATED – To ensure the cut-stincy of your new kitchen assistant, you will also receive a suede towel free of charge. So your new knife with some care is guaranteed to serve you a lifetime!

PREMIUM QUALITY – The knife blade is made of the best quality steel and thus offers optimal cutting of meat, fruit, fish and vegetables.

About the founder of adelmayer®

In 2017 I founded adelmayer as a 1-man company in Solingen. Behind our products are many days and weeks in which they have found their way from the first idea to production with great attention to detail.

That’s why our kitchen utensils arenot products that can be bought off-the-shelf. They have been developed with a view to making everyday kitchen life easier for their users.

The fact that our high-quality products have a raison d’etre is shown by the many positive customer feedbacks on the market.

For our customers, we always have an open ear – be it praise or criticism. That’s why we keep involving them in decision-making processes through social media channels.

For example, we often start surveys regarding usability and design and let them participate in decision-making. In this way, we can also give our customers the feeling that they have participated in important decisions and play an important role.

Because only through your customer feedback, we can work on ourselves and continuously improve ourselves.

Damask knife

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