Meat cutting

For a delicious piece of meat, not only the right seasoning is crucial, but also the correct cut. The correct cut for a piece of meat should not be underestimated. After all, the meat should still be juicy and tender after cooking or roasting.

In this small article we would like to show how to cut meat properly and what you need for this.

The first preparations for meat cutting

As already mentioned, the right cutting technique is one of the most important factors for a delicious piece of meat. But the tool used for this purpose should also be of good quality. This means above all the right cutting tool, i.e. the knife. It is best to use a real meat knife, which you can order conveniently in our online store.

What is the difference from other knives? These knives have a relatively long blade, but rather narrow. This blade is perfect for cutting meat. After all, it is important that the cut becomes smooth and clean. With a short knife, you would be more likely to saber the meat than cut it smoothly and neatly. An unsuitable knife also ensures that the meat frays and is no longer tender enough after cooking or frying.

In addition to the right knife, the correct sharpness of the tool is very important. It is of no use if you have the best knife in the world, but it is not sharp enough to cut thick pieces of meat. Regular care of the meat knife is therefore particularly important and should never be underestimated. In general, of course, we advise our readers to always work with very high-quality knives.

In addition to the classic meat knife, a santoku knife can be a great way to cut meat. The knives were designed specifically for cutting meat and vegetables and is very diverse.

The right base is what matters

In addition to the right knife, the right base is very important. Nowadays, many prefer bamboo boards, as they are hygienically safe and have an antibacterial effect. Cutting boards made of glass or other materials would probably cause the knives to become blunt over time. Plastic boards should be avoided from a hygienic point of view.

The right cut: how to cut the meat correctly

However, the cutting method is primarily decisive for a juicy and tender piece of meat. This ultimately determines whether the meat is juicy and tender or rather dry and tough. An important principle to always remember is the following: cut the meat across the grain. But how exactly can you tell the direction of the grain? And does that mean that you have to cut the meat with or against the grain?

It is important that you always cut the meat across the grain. This means that the meat is cut against the grain. However, it is important to make sure that you only cut the meat when it is really necessary, especially for large pieces. It is also important to remove excess fat, tendons and everything else.

But why is it important to cut the meat across the grain? Basically, you should remember that meat that is cut lengthwise to the grain quickly becomes tough when chewed. Children in particular often find it difficult to chew. If, on the other hand, the meat is cut across the grain, the fibers are shortened and the result is optimal chewing pleasure. The meat thus appears much more tender than with a longitudinal cut.

How to properly cut a rump steak?

If you have bought a fresh piece of meat, it is important to rinse it thoroughly under cold water. After that, simply drain it. Steak consists of a larger and smaller fillet of the hip, which is fibrous in different ways. Between these two pieces is the tendon, which should be removed without fail. To do this, take the meat knife, stick it under the tendon and slowly pull it out with the knife.
Then you can turn to the larger piece. This is best cut across the grain at a 90 degree angle. Then do the same with the small piece.

How to properly cut a roast?

You also need to cut a roast properly before you prepare it. For the roast, you should also use a good meat knife. Without much pressure, you can cut the meat, and against the grain. It is also important to have the right cutting surface.

Two things are important when cutting meat. One is proper preparation, including the tool, and the other is the correct cutting technique. You should also remember that you always cut meat across the grain. If you stick to this, you are guaranteed not to go wrong during preparation.

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