adelmayer® high-quality oil for the care of cutting boards and kitchen utensils – Made in Germany

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✔️ Protects and seals: Our oil Nourishes / Seals the wood and provides a water repellent surface – Does not stick.

✔️ Suitable for all types of wood: regular use prevents cracking and splitting and prolongs the life of the wood.

✔️ Made in Germany: Our high-quality oil to care for cutting boards and kitchen utensils was manufactured and tested in Germany.

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High quality care oil

Made in Germany

The optimal care

For cutting boards

Details of the premium care oil for cutting boards from adelmayer

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50 ml, 100ml

The adelmayer cutting board care oil

Wood works! Everyone knows this sentence – and the wood of a cutting board is also used regularly. With the right care, you can also extend the life of a wooden cutting board in the long term. This is where the adelmayer cutting board care oil comes into play. This wood care oil is suitable for all types of wood and gives the wood important nutrients. This creates a sealed surface that is also water-repellent. With the use of the oil, you still prevent cracking in the wood at the same time with regular care. If you love a classy drop and at the same time also like to treat others, the adelmayer cutting board care oil definitely belongs to your equipment – here you can buy your adelmayer cutting board oil online!

What is a care oil for cutting boards?

A maintenance oil for cutting boards is used to care for the wood. The applied oil provides the wood with important nutrients and prevents cracks in the wood. Among other things, it can also be used for the adelmayer magnetic bar or for all walnut handles on the adelmayer damascus knives.


Properly oiling your cutting board

The application of our care oil for cutting boards and magnetic holders is very simple:

The first step is to apply a thin layer of oil to the wood. This works either with the help of a washed cloth or by carefully pouring it on. In addition, you can use a suitable brush to spread the oil. Make sure that the oil application is not too thick. It is also important that you massage the oil in carefully and distribute it well.

After the oil has been allowed to soak in for 20-30 minutes, wipe off the excess oil with the help of a clean, washed-out cloth, leaving no residue. This is a very important step, which you should do thoroughly. No residue should remain on the wood.

Last but not least, it is important to let the freshly oiled products rest for one or two days. We also recommend that you do not wipe the kitchen utensils for a week after using the oil.

Important: There is no danger in contact with food of any kind, because it is a purely vegetable oil. A cloth is not included in the delivery due to the risk of spontaneous combustion of the wood care oil.

Applications of the adelmayer cutting board oil

The adelmayer cutting board oil can be used everywhere where the accessories of your adelmayer knife equipment are regularly maintained. Just a few drops are enough to spruce up your cutting board and keep it safe for the future. You can also breathe new life into the wooden handles of your adelmayer damascus knives with this oil.

  • Perfect for caring for your adelmayer cutting boards
  • Perfectly suited for amateur and professional grillers
  • Everywhere, cutting boards need to be handy and maintained high quality


Scope of delivery of the adelmayer cutting board oil

The last drop has run out of the bottle and you’re sitting on dry land? No problem! We always have the cutting board oil for adelmayer cutting boards in stock and can send it to you quickly.

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