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adelmayer® damask nakiri knife

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adelmayer damask nakiri properties
Stainless steel soap
Suede cloth
Damask Nakiri knife with knife edge


The adelmayer® damask nakiri knife is a particularly high-quality variation of a special knife, which was mainly produced for cutting vegetables and co. Due to their special shape, they are particularly suitable for cutting larger quantities of vegetables. Furthermore, our adelmayer® damask nakiri knife is especially suitable for beginners, although it is also used by professionals for daily work in the kitchen.

Precise and straight cuts are no problem with the typical Nakiri knife. The model from our online shop was made of the best quality steel, so that each knife is a real one-of-a-kind, which cuts carrots and co. with a fantastic lightness. In addition, it lies comfortably in the hand and can be guided optimally.


What makes the adelmayer® damask nakiri knife so special?

67 layers are made of real and very high-quality steel, which are additionally provided with a VG10 steel core. In the end, blades are created in a perfect shape and in a sharpness that can be seen and which make the cutting of vegetables and other foods a real highlight.

In addition to the extremely sharp and specially shaped blade from our adelmayer® damask nakiri knife, the handle is also very special. It is ergonomically shaped and therefore fits perfectly in the hand. This makes it easy to guide the knife, without any effort.

In addition to chopping vegetables, the adelmayer® damask nakiri knife is also ideal for peeling and does an excellent job here as well. The wide and high blade is also suitable for beginners.

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The scope of delivery

When ordering this unique adelmayer® Damask nakiri knife, customers also get some accessories free of charge. Among other things, our special suede cloth. This is adapted to the special requirements of the knives from our shop and ensures optimal care of the handle and blade. The supplied knife sheath, which was specially manufactured for this knife, provides the ideal protection. The Nakiri knife from our shop can also be stored in a drawer without any problems without causing any damage.

In order to free the hands from the unpleasant smell after cutting onions, garlic and co., we also give our customers a special stainless steel soap. This is also suitable for everyday use.

We also attach an e-book voucher to each delivery. With this, our customers can choose an e-book of their choice free of charge in our online shop, such as the exciting topic of healthy eating. Incidentally, we always deliver our knives in a very noble and beautiful box, so that the knives are also perfect as a gift for a special person.

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All advantages at a glance:

  • High comfort and good grip thanks to ergonomically shaped handle
  • High and wide blade
  • Extremely sharp
  • Ideal for peeling, chopping and cutting vegetables, herbs and fruit
  • Made from 67 layers of genuine Japanese quality steel
  • VG10 Steel core
  • Versatile delivery with many free accessories
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals

If you have any questions about the individual knives and other products from our online shop, we are of course always at our customers’ side with advice and deeds.

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