adelmayer® damask santoku knife – hand-sanded the traditional way

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adelmayer damask santoku properties
Stainless steel soap
Suede cloth
Damask Santoku knife with knife edge


Whether the amateur chef or the professional chef, with this high-quality adelmayer® damask santoku knife makes everyone in the kitchen a good figure. No wonder, because this does not only make a lot of visually. Made from real quality steel, it is not only durable, but glides through different foods with a unique ease. As an everyday companion in the kitchen, this beautiful Santoku knife always keeps what it promises and lies perfectly in the hand.

What makes the adelmayer® damask santoku knife?

Our adelmayer® damask santoku knife is a particularly high-quality product that has been carefully manufactured. It is also made of particularly first-class Japanese quality steel and consists of 67 layers and a VG 10 damask core. So it is not only a very noble knife, but also a robust product that impresses with durability and reliability.

But it’s not just the blade that can be seen. Like the other knives from our online shop, the handle is ergonomically shaped. This way, the extremely sharp knife lies excellently in the hand. This fact not only brings with it an extremely high level of comfort, but also more safety than other knives do. The handle is non-slip, grippy and feels good. In addition, it has an optimal length and thus offers the perfect balance between blade and handle. This also means that the cutting of various foods is carried out without effort.

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What is a Santoku knife?

With our adelmayer® damask santoku knife, almost all work can be carried out in the kitchen without any problems and quickly. It is one of the most resistant knives, so it is not surprising that it is used both in the private kitchen and in the profession. Whether for vegetables or meat as well as fish, with this knife this is not a problem.


Reliable knife with practical accessories

We know how important the storage, care and cleaning of the knives are in order to continue to enjoy them in the future. For this reason, we not only supply our customers with the knife alone, but have put together an extensive package with great accessories. For the optimal storage of our adelmayer® damask santoku knife, there is the perfect knife sheath, which optimally protects the blade so that it can not be damaged.

In addition to the knife sheath and the knife itself, the delivery also includes a special stainless steel soap. This was made to rid the hand of stubborn odours, such as after cutting garlic or onions.

The suede cloth, which we also give to our customers, is excellentfor the care of the knife. It is nicely soft, does not lint and impresses with an excellent quality. This way, the blade remains nicely sharp and is not damaged.

Last but not least, we offer our customers a voucher for an e-book. With this it is possible to choose an e-book from our shop for free. In addition to the practical and high-quality accessories, the adelmayer® damask santoku knife is shipped in an elegant gift box so that it can also be given away.

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The advantages in the overview:

  • The knife is extremely sharp
  • It is suitable for almost all foods
  • The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in the hand
  • The blade consists of 67 layers of Japanese quality steel with VG10 damask core
  • Very robust and durable
  • Delivery contains many high-quality accessories

Do you have any questions about our adelmayer® damask santoku knife? We are at your disposal with advice and deeds.

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