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adelmayer® damast santoku knife with cut in the style of the “Bergisches Land”

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Damask Santoku knife with knife edge

You want to finally treat yourself to a high-quality kitchen knife?

Cooking is an integral part of everyday life for most people. We stand in the kitchenseveral times a week and prepare delicious meals. Unfortunately, cheaper knivesare usually blunt when they don’t fit at all. Because sensible grindingtakes time. However, blunt knives are not only annoying, they also lead to injuries, because they can slip off during cutting.

High quality damask knives are known for their extreme hardness androbust cutting edge. Combined with the traditional, almost forgotten cut in the style of the Bergisches Land, our knife achieves extreme sharpness and maximum durability.

What is so special about the type of mountainous country?

For the latest special edition of our popular damask knife, we opted for an almost forgotten tradition that once made the “Bergisches Land” famous all over the world – the style of the “Bergisches Land”.

With this technique, the cut is placed much higher on the knife and then runs thin and very pointed down to the cutting edge. Compared to modern standard cuts, this ensures unique sharpness and high durability. Compared to modern standard cuts, this ensures unique sharpness and high durability.

You can find out more about polishing in the style of the “Bergisches Land” in our extensive blog article.

High-quality materials, best workmanship

Of course, we only use the highest quality materials for our knivesto achieve maximum robustness. Our damask knife is built with 67 layers of Japanese steel on a core layer of VG10 steel.

This creates the typical, distinctive pattern of the Damascene steel. This is known for extreme hardness, maximum cutness and unique sharpness.

Ergonomic handle – Best quality

Our knife has a particularly ergonomic handle made of fine walnut wood, which fits perfectly to the high-quality and unique look of the Damascene steel.

The knife sits very comfortably and safely in the hand and thus ensures a flawless, precise cutting experience – so cooking is fun for everyone!

Our products impress with their well thought-out design and high quality – manufactured with respect, precision and know-how.

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    Damask knife with cut in the
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