adelmayer® Damascus knife filleting knife 20.5 cm hand-ground with walnut handle

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Time for the important things

The ergonomic handle and sharp blade make cutting a breeze, leaving you more time for your guests and other important tasks.
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Maximum user comfort

Cutting ecstasy at its best: Our knife fits particularly well in the hand and allows you to work safely and comfortably without frustration.
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Storage box

Don’t store your knife just anywhere, give it a place of honor – our classy, high-quality storage box.
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Japanese steel

Through the best Damascus steel and great expertise in the development, we offer you a knife that is unparalleled.

Details of the Damascus filleting Knife from adelmayer

Additional information


Japanese 67-layer VG-10 Damascus steel

Rockwell hardness

60 +- 2

Overall length

35 cm

Blade length

20,5 cm

Blade width

3,1 cm

Blade thickness

2,0 mm


approx. 194 g

Handle length

14,5 cm

Handle width

2,6 cm

Knife handle

Walnut wood

All info about the adelmayer Damascus filleting knife

An outstanding eye-catcher in your kitchen will be the adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife in the future. This extremely robust filleting knife is made only from materials of the highest quality and convinces with a razor-sharp blade! This allows you to chop even soft cuttings without any problems and present them to your guests in a visually appealing way. The unique look is due to the 67 layers of Damascus steel and the noble handle made of walnut wood. Whether with a blade length of 20.5 cm or 24.5 cm – a Damascus fillet knife definitely belongs in your knife collection. Here you can order your adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife online.

Applications and advantages of your Damascus filleting knife

  • Filleting knife with a blade length of 20.5 cm or 24.5 cm for beginners and professionals.
  • Very sharp blade that glides through food effortlessly
  • Ergonomic handle brings safety and a high comfort of use
  • Extensive and free accessories – cloth, stainless-steel soap, voucher for a free e-book, knife sheath, gift box
  • 67 layers of quality steel, including VG10 steel core
  • Noble design
  • Immediately ready for use in the home
  • Perfectly suited for soft cut material
  • Belongs to high-quality equipment of a knife set
  • Available in sizes 20.5 cm and 24.5 cm
  • Perfectly suitable professional and hobby chefs
  • Perfectly suitable professional and hobby grillers

What is a filleting knife?

The main feature of a filleting knife is the narrow and long blade. This should be designed so that it can have a high degree of sharpness despite everything, but still show a high flexibility. A filleting knife is mainly used for filleting fish and meat.


What makes a Damascus filleting knife so special?

The difference from the normal filleting knife

A Damascus Filleting Knife from adelmayer differs in all respects from a commercial filleting knife. From the Japanese Damascus steel used to the hand-ground blade and the ergonomically shaped handle – an adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife does not have to hide from other filleting knives.


Blade shape/length

With an extremely sharp and at the same time thin, long blade, the adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife will upgrade your knife collection in the future. With its 20.5 cm or 24.5 cm long blade, the filleting knife glides through your food and simplifies filleting.



The blade of the adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife is sharpened manually. This achieves the maximum degree of sharpness and only a minimum amount of force is required for filleting fish and meat.


Sharpness, hardness, material

The 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel are fire-welded and reach a hardness of 60±2. The razor-sharp blade ensures that you will work much more efficiently in the future when filleting fish and meat.



The perfect blade, in combination with the walnut handle, ensures unprecedented comfort of use. The filleting knife fits securely in all hands and guarantees frustration-free work.



Made of walnut wood, each palm fits the ergonomically shaped handle of your adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife. The shape ensures that it always lies securely and well in the hand.


Applications of the adelmayer Damascus filleting knife

From the barbecue and hobby chef who wants to have a perfect knife in his four walls, to the professional chef, butcher or fisherman – a Damascus Filleting Knife from adelmayer finds its place everywhere! Due to its sharp blade, it can be used with little effort and can also be used for soft cut material. So, you serve your guests all dishes and side dishes always appealing. Due to its extreme robustness, a Damascus filleting knife is also ideally suited for use in fishing and grilling. The high-quality materials used, in conjunction with the hand-ground blade, ensure that a filleting knife from adelmayer is a real all-rounder in your kitchen.


Filleting with the adelmayer Damascus filleting knife

Filleting with an adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife will save you valuable time in the future. Due to the sharp blade, you will be able to perform your cutting work effortlessly and with only the slightest effort. For a perfect cutting result, we recommend always using the entire length of the blade and cutting away from the body.


Delivery of the adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife

Your adelmayer Damascus Filleting Knife will be sent to you in the elegant storage box. This way, your Damascus knife will not run the risk of rubbing against other objects in a drawer. Matching to this, you will find a knife sheath in the box so that you can transport your fillet knife safely. The package is completed by a stainless-steel soap and a care cloth so that you can pass on this quality to your children.

This is what cooking school owner Timo says about our knife


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Experience adelmayer® – the perfect cut for every meat


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What our customers say

Alex Villena

I have been using the knives from adelmayer for more than 2 years. Before that I had already tried various knives and had never found the right one for me. Here is simply the best of everything combined. Since I am professionally several hours a day in the kitchen I am dependent on a sharp and reliable knife. adelmayer has never let me down here. An absolute heart recommendation.

Timo Siegmann

The damascus knives from adelmayer are an important companion in my kitchen at every event catering, but also at my cooking school. Every cut is a real pleasure thanks to the sharp blade. The company adelmayer is an important partner for me, which I gladly recommend for hobby and also for professional chefs.

Ümit Memisoglu

In the kitchen, where I spend a lot of time cutting food, I no longer want to miss the products from adelmayer, which I have firmly integrated into my everyday cooking. The knives look classy, fit well in the hand and are so sharp that they make my work much easier.
Quality is important to me not only in terms of my videos, but also when it comes to my work tools.

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