Frequently asked questions

1. Is there more specific information on the Damascus steel used?

Our Damascus knife is built with 67 layers of Japanese steel on a core layer of VG10 steel.

2. What is the shape of the handle? Is it round or does it have a "fold" on one side?

The handle is round without a fold.

3. How to sharpen the knife?

In our blog you will find a suitable post about it CLICK HERE

There are also instructions directly with the whetstones CLICK HERE

4. Is there a whetstone recommendation for this damascus knife?

We recommend our premium whetstones CLICK HERE

5. How should you use the suede cloth to ensure edge retention?

Hold the knife under lukewarm water and clean it either with the included suede cloth or with a good microfiber cloth. Then dry it with the cloth of your choice.

6. What is the cutting angle of the damask knife?

The angle per side is between 8 – 12°

7. How heavy is the knife?

The knife weighs between 195 and 203 grams depending on how it was made, as not every Damascus knife is the same. You can look up the exact weight in the description of each knife

8. Is there also a knife set or do you have to buy each knife separately ?

Of course we also have knife sets. You can find these in our online store under CLICK HERE 


9. Can you cut with the Nakiri only vegetables or also meat etc?

You can cut fruit, vegetables, fish or even meat with it. We also have videos and pictures of customers using our knives on our Instagram feed.

10. Is the knife suitable for bones ?
Under no circumstances should you use this type of knife for bones.
11. At what angle are the knives sharpened?

Per side 8 – 12 degrees

12. What is the hardness of the knives?

The knives have a hardness of HRC 60 +- 2

13. Is it possible to buy the magnetic knife bar from the pictures of the damask knife sets from you?

The walnut wood magnetic bar is available here

14. What is the stainless steel part that is included for?

Stainless steel soap is used to neutralize the hands after contact with onions or garlic. A little water and rub the soap in the hands and the smell is gone.

15. Is there also the possibility of sending your knives to you at a later date to have them resharpened?

Please contact us directly about this.

16. Is a roller grinder suitable for the knives?

We like to say again and again that no roller grinder is suitable for our knives! On the one hand, 15 – 20 degrees as specified by the roller grinder manufacturer for our knives are not recommended at all, because we specify from home 8 – 10 degrees and on the other hand, the edge is cracked with one or the other customer. 

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