Frequently asked questions

1. Is there more detailed information on the Damascene steel used?

Our damask knife is built with 67 layers of Japanese steel on a core layer of VG10 steel.

2. How is the handle shaped? Is he round or does he have a "fold" on one side?
The handle is round without fold.
3. How to sharpen the knife?

In our blog you will find a suitable article. You can find it here.

4. Is there a grinding stone recommendation for this damask knife?
We work together with a partner company from Solingen, as grinding is an art in itself. Please contact us. This year, however, we will have a knife sharpener/grinding stone in our range. Until now, our damask knife should remain sharp.
5. How should the suede cloth be used to ensure cut-sticity?
Keep the knife under lukewarm water and clean it either with the supplied suede cloth or with a good microfiber cloth. Then dry it with the cloth of your choice.
6. What is the cutting angle of the damask knife?

The angle per side is between 8 – 12°

7. How heavy is the knife?
The knife weighs between 195 and 203 grams depending on how it was made, as not every damask knife is the same.
8. Is there also a knife set or do you have to buy each knife individually ?

Of course, we also have knife sets. You can find them in our online shop. Isn’t the right set for you? Then please use the contact form.

9. Can you only cut vegetables or meat etc with the Nakiri?
You can cut fruit, vegetables, fish or even meat with it. We also have videos and pictures of customers of our knives.
10. Is the knife suitable for bones ?
Under no circumstances should you use this type of knife for bone.
11. Where is the knife made? Really in Solingen?

Production does not take place in Solingen. However, our designs, product and quality management follow here. Ultimately, it’s not about where it’s made, it’s about the quality of it. With us you can be sure to get an absolute top product. More than 3000 hobby and professional chefs are already damask knife owners.

12. What is the degree of hardness of the knives?

The knives have a hardness of HRC 60 +- 2

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