adelmayer® diamond spray (30 ml)

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✔️ Extremely sharp results: Due to the different grit sizes up to 32000 grit, you can achieve extremely sharp results.

✔️ Time saving: With the diamond spray from our company, you can start directly because it is immediately absorbed into the leather. Therefore, you don’t lose time.

✔️ Practical: The spray is handy and can be easily applied directly to the leather in the practical spray bottle.

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Ideal combination

Perfect for our honing leather


Achieve unparalleled sharpness

Details of the diamond spray from adelmayer

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30 ml

Diamond spray for Damascus knives

Are you thrilled with the sharpness of your adelmayer Damascus knives and want to go one better? Then you should always have the diamond spray for Damascus knives handy in your knife case! Besides the adelmayer honing paste, the diamond spray is another piece of the puzzle for the sharpness of your knives. The different grits can be sprayed onto the honing leather with the handy spray bottle. Here you can buy your adelmayer diamond spray for Damascus knives online!


What is diamond spray?

Diamond spray is a water-soluble spray made from monocrystalline diamond powder. It is applied to the honing leather with a convenient spray bottle. This ensures an even distribution on the leather surface, allowing the blade of a Damascus knife to reach the highest level of sharpness.

Application of the adelmayer diamond spray

The spray is sprayed thinly onto the honing leather (not included) and distributed evenly with your finger. You will find the numbers 1-4 on the honing leather.

  • No. 1: Start with 2 microns = 4000 grain size
  • No. 2: With 1 micron = 8000 grain size
  • No. 3: With 0.5 micron = 16000 grain size
  • No. 4: With 0.25 micron = 32000 grain size

Advantage: When using a diamond spray, you can get started right away because, unlike the paste, it dries immediately.

  1. Lay the knife flat on the honing leather to get the correct angle afterwards.
  2. Now lift the back of the knife at an angle of about 10-12°.
  3. Always move the knife with the back first, keeping a steady pressure.
  4. As soon as the back of the knife reaches the end of the belt, pull it over the leather belt at a 10° angle.
  5. Repeat this in the opposite direction, again with the back of the knife first and at a 10° angle. This is how you move the knife back and forth.
  6. Repeat this process eight to ten times on each side as needed.
  7. Now the grade is „broken off“ with the help of the diamond side so that it does not interfere with the subsequent cutting. The angle should also be held approximately at this point. Now work against the cutting edge without exerting pressure. It is easy to imagine that you are really carving on a stick.
  8. When the grade is gone, the spray is used on the honing leather. Here, too, the angle is maintained and the knife is pulled over the honing leather with a little pressure. This turns the honing leather black, which shows that you’re doing everything right.

Applications of the adelmayer diamond spray

Regular sharpening is also part of the care of your adelmayer Damascus knives. This prevents the blade of your knife from becoming dull, and you continue to cut with the greatest degree of sharpness. With the adelmayer diamond spray, you apply the liquid evenly to the honing leather and can start sharpening your knives right away.

  • Private household
  • Perfect for sharpening Damascus knives
  • Perfectly suited for amateur and professional grillers
  • Everywhere where sharp knives must be handy


Scope of delivery of the adelmayer diamond spray

The adelmayer diamond spray is available in different grit sizes. After your order, we will send you your new care product for your Damascus knives and hope you enjoy sharpening and caring for your adelmayer knife equipment.

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