adelmayer® premium grindstone holder base made of walnut wood

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✔️ No slipping: The anti-slip mat under the feet and on the holder, guarantees a firm grip.

✔️ Comfortable grinding height: The holder raises the Premium stone to a comfortable height. This makes grinding fun!

✔️ Unique design: As with our knives, it is not only the inner values that shine here. The walnut wood holder has a unique and striking look, which makes it a stylish eye-catcher in any kitchen.

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Secure hold

For our whetstones

Classy workmanship

Made from high quality walnut wood

Details zum Premium Schleifsteinhalter Basis von adelmayer

Additional information

Dimensions exterior

26,4cm x 7,6 cm x 3,1cm

Dimensions interior

20,3 cm x 7,6 cm x 0,4 cm

Sharpening stone holder for knife sharpening stones

You are always very accurate and love to work as precisely as clockwork? Then the adelmayer whetstone holder will be your right hand in the future! The sharpening stone holder made of walnut wood holds the knife sharpening stone securely so that you can take care of the precise sharpening of the blade. Under the feet is a non-slip mat, which ensures a stable stand of your whetstone holder on a flat surface. Made of walnut wood, the sharpening stone holder catches the eye with its striking look and is the eye catcher in your kitchen. Here you can buy your adelmayer Premium whetstone holder online!

What is a whetstone holder?

A whetstone holder is the active support when sharpening your adelmayer damascus knives. It ensures that the whetstone is inserted in the appropriate wooden fixture and cannot slip away when sharpening the knives.


The correct use of the Premium whetstone holder

When you sharpen your high-quality knives, you are certainly careful not to make any mistakes. Because that would be fatal. Now, you can simply hold your sharpening stone in your hand to sharpen your knives. Let me tell you: Unfortunately, you’re giving away a fair amount of accuracy. Your sharpening results will be much more precise if you put your whetstone in a suitable holder. This way you have both hands free and as the saying goes: it’s better to grind with the second hand. You can keep to the required sharpening angle scrupulously and nod with satisfaction at the end: because now your knife is as razor-sharp as ever.

Fields of application of the adelmayer whetstone holder

The adelmayer whetstone holder is suitable for anyone who enjoys working with high-quality knives and the associated care. Due to the rubber feet, an anti-slip effect is created so that you can take care of the precise sharpening of your knives. Wherever sharp knives are used and therefore need to be cared for regularly, an adelmayer whetstone holder is a must-have.

  • Perfect for caring for your adelmayer damascus knives
  • Perfectly suited for amateur and professional grillers
  • Everywhere where sharp knives need to be handy and well maintained


Scope of delivery of the adelmayer Premium whetstone holder

The high-quality adelmayer whetstone holder provides a secure hold for your whetstone. So that you no longer have to wait for the sharpening and care of your adelmayer damascus knives, we will send you the sharpening stone holder quickly after your order. Small tip: real professionals have this whetstone holder directly in the shopping cart….


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