Storing the knife correctly

Especially with the somewhat higher quality knives, which may not have been cheap to purchase, many different factors play a very important role in maintaining this quality and sharpness. In addition to our article all about knife care, “The proper care of knives”, the storage is also very important and should also not be underestimated. The right knife storage has different reasons and not only contributes to the longevity, but also provides the necessary safety for children or animals. In this article, we want to present the different options for knife storage and also discuss the advantages and disadvantages here. In addition, we have selected the most popular products from these areas to simplify the choice when buying a knife storage.

Because the combination of the optimal use, the perfect care and the ideal storage of the knives ensures that users will enjoy the knives for a long time, which will be sharp for a long time in the future and retain their high usage comfort. Thus, even the particularly high-quality damascus knives from our online store remain sharp and convincing for many years.

The different storage options

There are many different ways to store knives. Here, of course, it depends mainly on your own and individual taste, and of course the available space would also be very important. Furthermore, parents who have smaller children can, for example, only use safe options, so that children do not get to the knives and possibly even hurt themselves. Still others use the options as they are bought with the knives, because some knives come with sheath, with a gift box or directly in the knife blog. But of course there are many other methods of proper knife storage, all of which we would like to present in more detail below.

The knife block for knife storage

The knife block is both one of the most famous and popular ways to safely store the knife and is especially suitable for users who want to store several knives at the same time. The classic knife block can be made of quite different materials. In addition to wood, which is probably the most commonly used material, knife blocks are also available in metal or plastic. Just the way it fits in your own kitchen and how you like it best. The knife blog itself now has several knife slots into which the knives are now inserted for safekeeping. The safety is so reliable because the knife blade is usually completely enclosed by the block.

Most knife blocks are slightly tilted forward. The main reason for this is to make it easier for users to put the cutting tool in or take it out. For those who don’t like the normal shape, there are also many other design options, such as flat knife blocks or the knife block with brush insert, as well as many other designer knife blocks.

If you want to buy a knife block, you can get them already equipped with knives as well as unloaded. The sets themselves are available in different sizes, just as users need it just. Some models, especially the larger versions, often contain a sharpening steel or kitchen shears in addition to the knives themselves.

Advantages and disadvantages of the knife block

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using a knife block. We would like to list these in more detail below to give interested parties an optimal overview. However, it is clear that the advantages clearly win out when it comes to storing knives in this way.

Disadvantages of the knife block:

  • Unloaded knife blocks are not available from all manufacturer brands, so the selection here is much smaller than for the already loaded knife blocks.
  • The size of the insertion slots is usually predefined, so some knives may not fit.
  • Depending on the size, quite a lot of space is needed for it to stand.

Advantages of the knife block:

  • The knife block can be placed flexibly.
  • Various sizes and sets are available, as well as designs.
  • Also includes, depending on the model and size, the appropriate sharpening steel or scissors.
  • Considered safe knife storage.
  • Visually compelling.
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