Vielfältige Holztexturen nebeneinander.

The art of handles: adelmayer’s masterpiece series with four fine types of wood

Choosing the right knife handle is a delicate matter that can have a major impact on the kitchen experience. adelmayer proudly presents the Meisterwerk series with handles made from four exquisite types of wood: laurel wood, walnut wood, desert ironwood and olive wood. Let’s dive in and discover the unique characteristics of these types of wood without losing sight of the essence.

    Skulpturale Holzscheiben auf schwarzem Hintergrund.

    Wooden masterpieces: the essence of adelmayer knife handles


    In the world of cookery, it is not just sharp cutting that plays a role, but also the choice of the right material for the knife handle. The Meisterwerk series from adelmayer presents four unique types of wood that impress not only with their appearance, but also with their origin and individual properties: laurel wood, walnut wood, desert ironwood and olive wood.


    Imposanter, knorriger alter Baum im Wald.

    1. Laurel wood – the warmth of tradition

    Origin: Laurel wood comes mainly from the Mediterranean region, where it has been valued for centuries for its warm colours and robust nature.


    • Tradition and warmth: Laurel wood gives the handles a traditional warmth.
    • Robustness: Natural and resistant to moisture.


    • Limited availability: Laurel wood is not as widely available as some other types of wood, which can lead to limited availability.
    • Sensitivity to scratches: Due to its softer nature, laurel wood can be sensitive to scratches.

    2. Walnut wood – timeless elegance from the forests

    Origin: Walnut wood comes from various parts of the world, including North America and Europe, and is known for its dark colour and grain.


    • Elegance and uniqueness: The dark colour and grain give the handles timeless elegance and uniqueness.

    • Durability: High density wood for long-lasting quality.


    • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required.

    Majestätischer Baum mit ausladenden Ästen.
    Alter Baum in trockener Wüstenlandschaft.

    3. Desert ironwood – heat and hardness from the desert

    Origin: Coming mainly from the dry regions of Africa and India, desert ironwood impresses with its exceptional hardness.


    Robust elegance:Desert ironwood is known for its hardness and robustness.

    Heat retention: This wood retains a pleasant warmth when in use.


     Weight: Can be heavier compared to other types of wood.

    Slow growing: The slow growth rate can lead to a limited supply.

      4. Olive Wood – Mediterranean Essence in Your Hands

      Origin: Mainly from the Mediterranean region, particularly from countries like Spain and Italy.


      • Mediterranean Flair: Olive wood brings the flair of Mediterranean cuisine into your hands.
      • Durability: Naturally resistant to moisture and insects.


      • Cracking: Improper drying can cause olive wood to crack.
      • Odor: In the first few months after processing, olive wood may have a characteristic odor, which diminishes over time.
      Alter knorriger Olivenbaum in Landschaft

      adelmayer’s masterpiece series not only embodies the highest level of craftsmanship, but also the carefully selected types of wood that build a bridge between tradition, nature and modern cuisine. Each handle tells its own story as you create culinary masterpieces in your kitchen. Immerse yourself in the world of these woods and feel the connection to nature with every cut.

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