Damascus knife set of 4

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Damascus knife 1
Damascus knife 2
Damascus knife 3
Damascus knife 4
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To make the decision to buy a little easier, we take the risk completely on ourselves and give you a promise. If for some reason you don't like something, you will get your money back, as long as the product is in original condition. Up to 30 days after your purchase!

Damast Küchenmesser_02

Time for the important things

The ergonomic handle and sharp blade make cutting a breeze, leaving you more time for your guests and other important tasks.

Damast Küchenmesser_01

Maximum user comfort

Cutting ecstasy at its best: Our knife fits particularly well in the hand and allows you to work safely and comfortably without frustration.

Damast Küchenmesser_03

Storage box

Don't store your knife just anywhere, give it a place of honor - our classy, high-quality storage box.

Damast Küchenmesser_04

Japanese steel

Through the best Damascus steel and great expertise in the development, we offer you a knife that is unparalleled.

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