Delicious salsiccia pasta

Delicious salsiccia pasta

Delicious salsiccia pasta When it may be something different, this delicious pasta is just right. With a preparation time of only 25 minutes, even if it has to go faster again.   Ingredients: 4x salsiccie, á 70 grams 200 grams mushrooms 150 grams of celery 200...

Meatballs pan

Meatballs pan Preparation: 30 minutesBaking time: 30 minutes3-4 servings   Ingredients for the meatballs: 600 g ground beef (or mixed if you prefer) 50 g rice 1 potato 1 onion 2 clove garlic salt, pepper 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 tablespoon each of frozen or fresh...

Sous-vide spare ribs

Sous-vide spare ribs Who can resist really good spare ribs? This recipe is designed for two people and 2 kilograms of spare ribs.   Ingredients: 2 kilograms spare ribs 1 teaspoon paprika powder 1 teaspoon cumin, ground 1 teaspoon chili powder, alternatively chili...
Ginger mince wok

Ginger mince wok

Ginger mince wok Ginger in combination with Asian vegetables unite in a wok. Quick and light cuisine for hot summer days. This great pan is enough for 4 people.   Ingredients: 1 can of sliced bamboo shoots 200 g oyster mushrooms 2 carrots 3 spring onions 2 cloves...
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