Beans stew

Beans stew

Beans stew The bean stew simply always goes and is one of the most popular stews par excellence. Recipe for up to 6 people   Ingredients: 800 grams green beans 300 grams carrots 200 grams celeriac 400 grams potatoes 4x onions 6 tablespoons oil 1.2 liters of...

Potato Sausage Stew

Potato Wust Stew Perfect for the autumn season and cold as well as dingy days, this potato soup with a special spicy wasabi topping will delight you with a great taste. Recipe for 4 people   Ingredients: 1 KG turnips 2 x onions 4 x thyme stems 600 g potatoes 300...

Pasta with zucchini

Pasta with zucchini This delicious and spicy pasta recipe is especially tasty and at the same time quick to prepare. Perfect for a delicious weekday meal.   Ingredients: 500 g noodles 1 x leek 3 pieces zucchini 300 g ham 250 g creme fraiche with herbs 3...
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